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1o. Eat your heart out

The Valley is famous for having lots of sushi restaurants, and that calls for another number. But it’s good to know that it’s also home to other dining gems that could get you out of the chilly funk and into the warm, spicy play of Thai soups (Lum-Ka-Naad over at Roseda Blvd makes it really good), or a surprising Mexican amuse-bouche -- one of which is a spicy shrimp broth topped with fresh tortilla and grounded masa (Rocio’s Mole de los Dioses over at Sunland Blvd does this exceptionally, and with good service too). There’s also a string of good choices for Indian food like the Mother India Restaurant in Chatsworth, and the Kardashian-recommended Agra Tandoori in Ventura Blvd, just to name a few.  Rest assured that you won’t run out of places to eat out in the Valley, and did I mention that parking won’t be any problem?


9. Go out for coffee

If you’re tired of Starbucks and are looking for local brew shops for good coffee and some nice and quiet, the Valley offers good choices like the R Coffee House in Chatsworth and Steeple House Coffee in Roscoe Blvd.

8. Yup, a massage is always a good idea

The rain could sometimes wear your spirit out and if you’re yearning to invigorate your senses, a good massage always helps. Iyana Thai Massage in Woodman Ave. and Little House Spa in Magnolia Blvd. offer excellent services for a reasonable price.

7. Visit a public library

If you want to get some work done or you just want to enhance your knowledge, the Valley is home to various public libraries like the Mid-valley Regional Branch Library and Burbank Public Library have a good selection of books, great book sales and excellent wifi service. There are also nearby coffee shops where you could get your caffeine fix. And again, parking is no problem.

6. Get moving

The downpour is no excuse to get moving because there are a couple of indoor fitness centers to choose from like Training Mate and Pulse Fitness Studio, both located in Ventura Blvd.

5. Take the kids out for play

Kids at home may get bored when they’re staying in and would still want to roam around and play. This wouldn’t be a problem since there are indoor playgrounds that they could enjoy. Try Ultimate Kids Zone in Chatsworth, or The Tree House in Ventura Blvd.

4. Go Rock Climbing

If you’ve planned a hiking activity with your friends but the weather didn’t cooperate, you could opt to go to indoor rock climbing centers such as Boulderdash SFV in Chatsworth and Top Out Climbing in Ferry Court.

3. Eat sushi, of course

I told you this calls for another number and it’s a spot well-deserved. There are a lot of holes-in-the-wall in Ventura Blvd, and you could go lost in some spots in the Valley and find hidden gems in the likes of Chiba in Lankershim Blvd or Go’s Mart in Canoga Park strip mall.

2. Shop til you drop

Every season is perfect for some retail therapy. The Northridge Fashion Center is home to over 170 stores and restaurants, and also a movie theater where you could watch the latest blockbusters. You could also go to Westfield Fashion Square and Topanga Shopping Center.

1. Go ahead, drink

The Valley is warmer than in most parts of the state, but if it’s the heat of the night (or day) that you’re looking for because of the inclement weather, bars around the area won’t back down. There’s a local dive bar darling in Van Nuys, Carlito’s Way Cocktails, where they surely play good music to dance to and also has a nice selection of high-end liquor. If you’re in for a private, relaxed atmosphere, there’s Mr. Furley’s Bar in Ventura Blvd., and then there’s Bar One Tap Room in Burbank Blvd that serves only beer and wine and hosts a Karaoke night every Tuesday.