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Top Thai Cuisine

Top Thai Cuisine in Reseda proudly offers authentic Thai food that uses traditional recipes and only the freshest ingredients available. Their specialties include rare northern Thai dishes such as the Khao Soy, which their menu describes as “a delicious blend of red and yellow curry with coconut milk broth soup and shallots, and topped with crispy egg noodles.” The restaurant also has a great selection of California wines, as well as wines from across the world.

Valeria S.  on  Yelp

Valeria S.
on Yelp

Love this place. This is the 1 of 2 Thai places I go to in the valley and this restaurant is my my first pick. The service is honestly one of my top 3.

Nadia B.   on  Yelp

Nadia B.

on Yelp

My family and I have been ordered for delivery from this place like five to six times. We have tried other Thai restaurant in the valley but I have to say that this is the best one.

Anajak Thai

Anajak Thai has been serving bold Bangkok style food to San Fernando Valley residents for more than 30 years. Aside from the family-owned restaurant’s the restaurant’s best-selling Ribs, its varied menu includes delicious Thai favorites such as Panang Curry, Thai BBQ Chicken, and Coconut Chicken Soup.

They have separate menus for lunch and dinner, so you can be sure to get the best possible dining experience depending on what time of the day you’ll be visiting.

Harrison M.   on  Yelp

Harrison M.

on Yelp

Hands down my favorite Thai restaurant in Los Angeles. I try new dishes there all the time, and they're always extremely flavorful.

Joseph G.   on  Yelp

Joseph G.

on Yelp

Best date place in the valley!!! Their Pad Thai is the best. I crave it all the time. Great service, great good, great atmosphere! Nothing bad to say about this place.

Thai Blvd Bistro

Thai Blvd Bistro is known for their bestselling Soft Shell Crab which is served with a house special spicy sauce, as well as their Spicy Beef Basil dish that’s been a staple comfort food among the locals at Woodland Hills. Its cozy and intimate atmosphere makes it the perfect place for a dinner date, or for some catching up with an old friend over delicious Thai food.

The restaurant also allows you to order online and have the food delivered – perfect for nights when you really don’t feel like going out!

Winnie M.   on  Yelp

Winnie M.

on Yelp

Had dinner here with my family tonight and everything we ordered was delicious. Looking forward to going back and trying other dishes.

Michael G.   on  Yelp

Michael G.

on Yelp

If it's Thai food you want... Then Thai Blvd Bistro is what you need. If you like crab wantons, then 100% get yourself some and your taste buds will thank you later.

Thai Chaba


Thai Chaba is another local favorite, as it offers really good lunch specials at affordable rates. Their Yellow Curry dishes are a big hit among Thai food lovers, and are said to be some of the best of its kind. Head down to this place if you’re craving for some really good satay!

Craig C.    on Yelp

Craig C.

on Yelp

My go to Thai spot. Always good and fast with great service. The seafood glass noodle soup is amazing if you have a group to share it with! Also love the almond shrimp and beef satay.

Ladd V.   on  Yelp

Ladd V.

on Yelp

I am basically addicted to the Yellow Curry Tofu Dish. I eat lunch at this restaurant 4 - 5 days a week. Definitely check it out if you are in the neighborhood.

Wat Thai Temple

Get a taste of authentic Thai street food at Wat Thai, a Buddhist temple in North Hollywood with a weekend open-air food market that magically transports you to the streets of Bangkok. Visit the temple to get your hands on some really great barbecue skewers and some khanom khrok, which are bite-sized coconut custard cakes.

Kerry B.   on  Yelp

Kerry B.

on Yelp

Amazing Thai food that tastes like you are in Thailand. You can make the food as spicy as you want. They have great desserts too. The "amazing fried bananas" are perfect after eating spicy food.

Roxanne G.   on  Yelp

Roxanne G.

on Yelp

Wat Thai beats any Thai restaurant you could ever go to. They don't have as many food selection as you may find in a restaurant, but they get it right every time!