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Encino Real Estate

Located in the scenic San Fernando Valley, north of the Los Angeles Basin and at the foot of the Santa Monica Mountains, Encino has a quiet, small-town feel befitting its status as one of the oldest towns in the valley. The name of the town means "oak" in Spanish, and before 1998, the Lang Oak had resided in the town for over 1,000 years. It was toppled by the El Nino storms of that year, but the stump still remains along with a plaque to commemorate the tree. 

Many homes for sale in the area have larger properties with plenty of greenery, giving the town an almost rural feel in places.

Shopping and Dining

Part of Encino's small-town feel comes from the many amenities within walking distance. Ventura Boulevard holds much of the town's shopping and dining along its length. The dining scene offers a range of choices from chains to small cafes to Middle Eastern eateries like Sadaf, which specializes in Persian food. For grocery shopping, Ralph's and Gelson's markets are popular, as are specialty markets like the kosher Super Sal Market and the Mediterranean Sabzee Market.


The Encino Family Festival is one of the biggest events in the neighborhood and comes around every year on the second Sunday in October. The event showcases local artists, restaurants and live entertainment among other diversions. Los Encinos State Historic Park provides 5 acres of green space in the town, and there are also several golf courses, including the Balboa Golf Course and another course named after the town. 


The majority of residents get around by car, but the Orange Line also serves the town and can take commuters to North Hollywood and beyond. Senior residents are served by shuttles at various assisted living communities.


The town is part of the Los Angeles Unified School District. The district includes several elementary schools. Both of the high schools in the town are private. There are at least as many private schools as public within the town's borders, and both school types consistently receive high marks.

A performance at the Encino Family Festival

A performance at the Encino Family Festival

Super Sal Market

Super Sal Market

Los Encinos State Historic Park

Los Encinos State Historic Park